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5 star award

London Theatre

"Just had a rail theatre break in London and could not fault Omega. Good train times (early Friday, evening Sunday), 2 nights at the Tower Hotel and good seats for The Bodyguard (excellent show) at an affordable price. Thank you Omega."

Pat Webster, via Facebook

At Omega we love theatre shows. Nothing beats the feeling of being part of the live action as it unfolds in front of you.

“The laughs are bigger, the drama more gripping, the emotions more wringing than you ever get at a cinema. ”

And the venue itself is part of the magic too, be it one of the top regional playhouses, or one of London's famous West End theatres.

Two ways to search

Choosing your perfect theatre break involves a number of different options, so we thought we’d give you two easy ways to go about it. They both give you the same information, but they’re ordered in a different way depending on what you’re mainly looking for. So...

1. The first method is what we call the break-led approach. This is for when you know exactly when you want to go and for how long, but you may be less sure about what you want to see. You'll see links on the left for London or Regional Theatre, and these give you a list of breaks ranging through overnight, weekend or 3 day breaks travelling by rail, coach or self-drive. Once you've settled on a break, you can choose from the shows available.

2. If you’re absolutely sure about which show you want to see, but less sure about when you want to go, you might want to start with the show itself and work out the break options relating to that show. We call this the show-led approach, and you can do this by clicking the button on the right-hand side of the page that says ‘Theatre’. What you will see is a list of shows down the left-hand side of the page.


Hot Tip: You can also filter our breaks by mode of transport, by clicking one of the blue buttons at the top of the page. If you click ‘By Rail’, for example, you will see Theatre Breaks by Rail, and so on.

To view all available Theatre Breaks please use the menu on the left.

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