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Sporting Events

TV is great for watching sport, but you’ve got to admit it’s just not the same as being there in person.

The roar of the crowds or the engines, the pop-goes-the-bubbly, the cheery chats with strangers, the flashy outfits, the collective nerve-shredding tension of that crucial 3 metre putt, none of that really comes across on a home screen no matter how big it is. And just think, what if it turns out to be a really historic and epoch-making event, like when the outsider thunders in 6 lengths ahead at 100-1 or the underdog League team pulls off a mud-soaked Challenge Cup coup? Wouldn’t you want to be there in the flesh so you can tell your grandchildren all about it? We know we would!

Unless stated otherwise, all our sporting breaks include travel to and from your area and (except for day excursions) 3 or 4 star hotel accommodation with 3 course dinner and an English breakfast, so you can replay the game next morning with the salt and pepper pots and assorted cutlery in midfield.

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